5 Ways to Work On Your Mental Health While Going to School

Mental Health for College students

College is a new and exciting experience that can prepare you for the rest of your life. While it is a place where you learn, college is also a place where many other things happen. At the same time, it may be different than anything you have ever experienced before. This can be good and bad, especially if you are attending college on your own or away from home. Here is a look at 5 ways to keep your mental health in check when you are attending university. 

1. Make sure you get social

Many times, going to college provides you with a chance to meet new people of different cultures and backgrounds. You may benefit from becoming acquainted with new friends and hanging out with them. This can allow you to have enjoyable experiences and you may also make lifelong friends. It may even help you elevate your mood and keep from being lonely. Try not to keep to yourself the whole time you are in school, and instead hang out with people that you feel comfortable with.

2. See someone when you need to

The APA notes that anxiety and depression are some of the top issues that people in college may experience. If you are experiencing either one of these issues, and need help, consider trusting a professional with your concerns. You can count on BetterHelp online counseling for counseling services at your fingertips. They are able to work with you in a way you feel comfortable with, and offer you the support you need.

3. Get sleep and exercise

Another aspect of taking care of your mental health is taking care of your physical health. This means you need to try your best to get the proper amount of sleep each night. These things may be hard to do, since you will likely have more freedom at school, but it is important for your health to do your best. A good way to accomplish this is to stick to a schedule as much as you can.

4. Take time to study

Keep in mind why you are going to school in the first place. You probably want to learn, so you can have a good foundation and start a career in the future. This is why it is important to take adequate time to study. You may have a hard time at first figuring out how to manage your time, but when you work at it, you should be able to determine what subjects you need to study the most. You can think about joining study groups when you need to, or find a study buddy at times. 

5. Celebrate successes

When you make a good grade or complete a big project, be sure to reward yourself. Take yourself out for coffee or celebrate with pizza. You may even let yourself relax and binge watch your favorite show. It doesn’t really matter how you celebrate but remember to treat yourself once you meet your goals. It’s important for you to make a big deal about your accomplishments from time to time, even if they seem small, so you will have something to look forward to when times seem hard.

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Marie Miguel has been a writing and research expert for nearly a decade, covering a variety of health- related topics. Currently, she is contributing to the expansion and growth of a free online mental health resource with BetterHelp.com. With an interest and dedication to addressing stigmas associated with mental health, she continues to specifically target subjects related to anxiety and depression.

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