Why therapy is something to Consider when Starting College

Online Therapy

Right now, you may be considering choosing a university to go to. That’s awesome, but another thing to consider along with where you’ll be physically is where you are mentally.

Therapy is a great tool to consider when starting college, and here, we’ll go over why that is, and some of your options.

1. Therapy can Help You Manage the New Stress

You’re going to experience a whole new ballgame of stress when you get to college. Between the oodles of papers and projects you need to get done, the classes you’ll have to take, and making sure that you keep your grades high, it can be stressful. That combined with a part-time job and the like can take a toll on the average person. Usually high school doesn’t totally prepare people for college, no matter how ambitious you are. And if you’re on sports teams, that’s more time you’ll be spending at school.

Therapy can help you build habits to manage this stress, so that when it hits you, you’re prepared and ready!

2. Therapy is Great for Goal Setting

Setting goals is a big part of building your future. If you don’t have goals in place, you’ll feel stuck. Lots of people have the goal of college, but struggle after. You’ve made that goal, now what? You may have a program in place, but things can change, and you also need to look at the personal goals that you have as a person. Therapy is beneficial for this. This is a difficult time for some people, and involves a lot of major changes. Luckily, when it comes to setting and achieving goals, therapy is incredibly helpful for you.

Thankfully, setting goals with a therapist, and building habits and triggers, can go a long way to succeeding in college.

3. Therapy can Help with Mental Health Concerns

Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. As a college student, this can be hard to deal with. Sure there are counselors at school, but talking to a mental health professional about your issues that you face is very important. Whether you suffer from BPD, depression, anxiety, or other concerns, therapy can help with managing them. And for those with more severe cases, this can help you stay on track so you can succeed in school. Therapy is something you should keep up with, even when you’re not in high school anymore.

A therapist can help you as an adult manage the adult world as best as you can, and luckily there are a ton of tools available to help with this!

4. What’s a Good Option for Therapy Though? 

What’s a good option for therapy though? While you can find local counselors, sometimes it’s better to go online. Online therapy is on the rise for a variety of reasons—between the ongoing pandemic, to even the busyness of being a college student, you need something that’s right there, and easy to do. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there for you to check out. However, you might be concerned about if these are legit or not. After all, there are a lot of scams online that can hurt you.

If you’re curious about therapy, especially online therapy, and want to learn more, you can check it out by going to https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/therapy/are-therapy-websites-a-scam/ to find out more about what online therapy is, and if it’s legit for you to try.

Mental health is a big part of life, and for college students, maintaining proper mental health is imperative to your success! Luckily, there are options and if you do put this as a priority, you can do better in the long haul, and feel great about yourself too!

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