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Louisiana State University (LSU), located in the vibrant city of Baton Rouge, is renowned for its rich traditions, strong community, and exceptional academic and athletic programs. Whether you are currently enrolled, an alumnus, or a die-hard fan, there are unmistakable signs that demonstrate your deep connection to this prestigious institution. In this article, we dive into the top 10 signs that you are a proud LSU Tiger.

1. Purple and Gold Dominate Your Wardrobe:

As a true Tiger, your wardrobe is a testament to your LSU pride, with an abundance of purple and gold apparel and accessories. From game day jerseys to casual wear, these colors are your go-to choices, proudly displaying your allegiance to LSU.

2. You Know Every Word to “Fight for LSU”:

The fight song “Fight for LSU” resonates deeply with you, and you can sing it word for word with passion and energy. This anthem is an integral part of LSU’s spirit, uniting the community and fueling the Tiger pride.

3. Mike the Tiger Is Your Favorite Celebrity:

Mike the Tiger, LSU’s live mascot, is nothing short of a celebrity in your eyes. You’ve visited his habitat, followed his adventures on social media, and understand that he is a cherished symbol of LSU’s strength and resilience.

4. Saturday Nights in Death Valley Are Sacred:

LSU football games at Tiger Stadium, also known as Death Valley, are an experience like no other. As a Tiger, you know that Saturday nights in Death Valley are sacred, filled with excitement, tradition, and an unbeatable atmosphere.

5. The Chimes Are Your Timekeeper:

The Memorial Tower, or the Campanile, with its chiming clock, serves as a central landmark on LSU’s campus. As a part of the university community, you’ve come to rely on the chimes to keep track of time and appreciate the historical significance of this iconic structure.

6. You’ve Participated in a Parade on Campus:

Parades are a big deal at LSU, especially during Homecoming and Mardi Gras. As a Tiger, you’ve either participated in or cheered on these festive processions, embracing the celebratory spirit that is integral to Louisiana’s culture.

7. Tailgating Is a Fine Art That You’ve Mastered:

Tailgating at LSU is legendary, and as a member of the university community, you’ve honed your skills in this fine art. Your tailgate setup is impressive, and you revel in the camaraderie and excitement that builds up before every game.

8. You Take Pride in LSU’s Academic Excellence:

LSU is not just about athletics; it’s also a hub of academic innovation and excellence. Regardless of your field of study, you take pride in the university’s commitment to fostering knowledge, research, and critical thinking.

9. The Oak Trees and Swamps Feel Like Home:

LSU’s picturesque campus, adorned with majestic oak trees and swamps, provides a unique and captivating environment. As a Tiger, you feel a deep connection to this lush landscape, recognizing it as a quintessential part of your LSU experience.

10. Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger:

Your affiliation with LSU is not just for your college years; it’s a lifelong commitment. Being a part of the LSU community means you are a Tiger for life, connected to a global network of alumni and supporters who share your passion and pride.

Louisiana State University stands out as a beacon of tradition, community, and academic excellence. The signs of being a true Tiger are unmistakable, reflecting a profound connection to this vibrant institution. With your heart full of purple and gold, and the Tiger spirit alive within you, you carry the legacy of LSU wherever life takes you. Geaux Tigers!

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