10 of the Easiest Classes at MSU

Michigan State University

Michigan State University offers many courses from easy to hard. Students often struggle to pick their classes when it comes to boosting their GPA. To make your life easier, here is a list of the easiest classes offered at MSU.

1. CSS 202 – World of Turf

Role of turf in society and the environment. Principles underlying the establishment and maintenance of turf on athletic fields, parks, home lawns, and golf courses. Aesthetic, safety, and economic aspects of turfgrass management practices.

2. CEP 261 – Substance Abuse

This class goes over the effects of mood-altering chemicals. Treatment approaches and resources. Special emphasis on adolescent users.

3. TE 150 – Reflections on Learning

Students’ experiences as learners in comparison to psychological, sociological, and anthropological theories and assumptions about learning and teaching in and out of school.

4. ADV 260 – Principles of Public Relations

Role and function of public relations in society. History of the field. Roles of practitioners and understanding the unique professional areas within the field of public relations.

5. IAH 202 – Europe and the World

Cultural encounters and political relationships between Europeans and people(s) from other regions of the world since 1500 as shown through the study of written texts, literature, the visual arts, music, and other forms of expression. Examples from Europe and several continents.

6. IAH 205 – Africa and the World

Major issues in the development of African societies and their interaction with other regions of the world since 600 through the study of written texts, the arts and other forms of expression. Topics from West, East, North, and Southern Africa. Organized thematically and historically.

7. SPN 150 – Review of Elementary Spanish

Review of elementary-level Spanish for students who have some previous study of Spanish and who need to strengthen communication skills and knowledge of Spanish language and culture.

8. SOC 100 – Introduction to Sociology

Nature of sociological inquiry. Concepts and principles of sociology. Institutional features of modern society. Structure and dynamics of social organizations.

9. MUS 101 – Freshman Seminar

Introduction to skills necessary for academic success in music, careers in music, entrepreneurship, and professionalism in music. If you have learned an instrument before, this class will become super easy.

10. GEO 113 – Introduction to Economic Geography

Spatial distribution of resources, population, enterprise, trade, consumption, and production. Interaction of those distributions at local to global scales.

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