10 of the Easiest Classes at Mississippi State University

If you are looking for the best way to boost your GPA and, at the same time, maintain an easy schedule, you are in the perfect place. Taking easy classes will enable you to have a more manageable plan that will take off college stress. Here is the list of the 10 easiest courses offered at Mississippi State University.

1. AN 1143 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Three hours lecture. Introduction to the study of social, political, and economic organization, magic and religion, personality, and art.

2. PHI 1103 – Introduction to Philosophy

An introduction to the significant ideals and methods of philosophy. At least one philosophic classic is read, usually one suitable for orientation purposes.

3. CRM 1003 – Crime and Justice in America

Three hours lecture. A survey of the basic concepts and approaches in criminology, including patterns of crime, causes of crime, and an examination of the criminal justice system.

4. SO 6143 – Gender, Race, and Social Movements

This course examines theories and research on social movements, gender and race in the United States.

5. PHI 6143 – Philosophy of Science

An analytical examination of the essential ingredients of science concludes with scientific values’ effect on contemporary culture.

6. MU 3013 – Survey of Western Music History I

 A survey of western music history from Antiquity through the Baroque Period (ca. 1750 A.D./C.E.).

7. CO 1223 – Introduction to Communication Theory

A comprehensive introduction to the bases of contemporary communication theory.

8. HI 1063 – Early U.S. History

A survey of U.S. history through Reconstruction.

9. PE 1323 – History and Appreciation of Dance

A course designed to acquaint students with the history of dance and develop greater sensitivity, appreciation and understanding of this art.

10. AAS 1063 – Introduction to African American Studies

 An interdisciplinary examination of African-American history and culture, including the Diaspora, literature, music, reform movements, and black liberation in the U.S.

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