10 of the Easiest Classes at MTSU

You have no idea how high you can fly with these ten easy classes at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). If you want to tell people a story of a successful journey at MTSU that they really would love to hear, you should take these easy-to-pass classes. 

1. AERO 1010 – Introduction to Aerospace

History of aerospace, opportunities in the field, fundamentals of flight, navigation, meteorology, and Federal Aviation Regulations. Open to all students desiring a general and practical knowledge of aviation.

2. AGBS 1201 – Agribusiness: Fundamentals and Applications

Introduces key agribusiness principles and their application to the food industry. Major microeconomic, macroeconomics, and global forces influencing both producers’ and consumers’ decision of food and fiber products considered and discussed. Leading problems and current issues facing the industry discussed.

3. DSPW 0700 – Basic Writing

Intensive practice in paragraph and sentence construction; intensive review of basics of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Skills refined through individualized laboratory work.

4. GS 2010 – Introduction to Cross-Cultural Experiences

Establishes a broad-based foundation for understanding varying perspectives and values in a culture other than one’s own. Differing global and international views on cultural and environmental issues past, present, and future. The student’s cultural background will be used for comparative purposes.

5. MES 2100 – Introduction to Middle East Studies

An introduction to the people, culture, geography, and history of the Middle East from the distant past to the present. Includes ancient history, the rise of Islam, Arab nationalism and formation of the modern states, the creation of Israel, oil and natural resources, social structures and family life, international diplomacy and peacemaking, problems of Westernization and modernization, and political Islam.

Chronological study of American popular music from the colonial period to the present. Formulation of perspectives of the role of popular music in American culture.

7. PLSO 1610 – Elements of Plant Science

Fundamental plant processes; plant tissues, structures, environment, growth, development, reproduction, and propagation. Lecture/Lab.

8. THM 3100 – Introduction to the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Introduces the structure and scope of the travel/tourism and hospitality industry, the largest national employment base in private industry. The tourism and hospitality industry encompasses lodging, travel, tourism, recreation, amusements, attractions, resorts, restaurants, and food and beverage service. Provides knowledge and skills for industry standards to ensure students prepared to complete in this multifaceted industry.

9. WGST 2100 – Introduction to Women’s Studies

Designed to inform and enlighten students about the lives and history of diverse women and the social construction of gender. Areas of study may include work, the family, health, sexuality, violence in women’s lives, images of women, and feminist activism.

10. PLSO 1101 – Introduction to Ornamental Horticulture

Ornamental horticulture from the scientific basis to commercial operations and management systems. Emphasis on the role of horticulture in everyday living through the introductory study of growing, maintenance, and utilization of plants to benefit people and the environment. Topics include basis of plant science and history, scope, and nature of ornamental horticulture including coverage of such diverse topics as production, craftsmanship, and business management skills.

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