8 Reasons I Love NYU Founders Hall

1. The Basics

NYU Founders Hall has the biggest dorms on campus! This may not seem like a super big deal, but it is your home base for an entire year. It’s where you eat, sleep, shower, and study. Furthermore, you can have one to three roommates, which is great for making friendships and networking. Also, it’s super close to so many halls so you can make new friends! Founders is also known as the diversity hall! As you take the elevators to your room in Founders Hall, there are so many types of people! The dorms also have microwave, refrigerator and full length mirrors which other dorms don’t have. Finally, Founders Hall has AC! Other halls like Rubin Hall don’t, but in Founders, you’re guaranteed not to melt in the summer, and freeze in the winter.

2. Dedicated RAs!

I have yet to find someone who likes ice breakers. My 16th floor RA decided that within the first five minutes of meeting each other, thirty freshmen college students from all over the… world… playing several ice breaking games was a good idea. Though we were shy, my RA bled through the shy facades we held over our timid personalities so we felt comfortable with our floormates as soon as possible! Not only were the RA’s friendly on the first day, but they continued to show their genuine concern for every individual- academically and emotionally throughout the coming weeks. My RA in particular was on top of the curious and clueless Freshman-type emails I sent to him, responding in no more than 24 hours. He was ecstatic to guide us through the school year, answering inquiries as small as, “When’s the club fair?” to helping us find the Health and Wellness Center for those in need.

3. The Quiet Hall

NYU Founders Hall is the tallest, yet known to be the quietest hall on campus. For those who aren’t looking for large social events on a nightly basis, Founders Hall is right for you. Founders is however close to three other dorms which reign as the New York University social kings, including Third North just across the street and University Hall- a two-minute walk away.

4. Because it’s so close to three other dorms…

Founders Hall has three lounges and a courtyard! Unfortunately, they don’t have a dining hall, but Third North and Palladium have dining halls, both only a block away (Palladium is known as the best dining hall on campus). Palladium also has a gym which open to all NYU students!

5. Exercise to Washington Square Park!

Founders Hall is four blocks away from Washington Square Park where Kimmel Center, Bobst Library, and many other classes are! If you don’t want to utilise the gym, Founders Hall allows you to still exercise a little everyday through a short walk to Washington Square Park!

6. Union Square

Union Square is a bustling shopping center in Greenwich Village with a plethora of shops and restaurants including Forever 21, grocery markets, Wendy’s, Innisfree and Nature Republic, the famous Joe’s pizza, and Sephora. Also, there are two Staples near us, and Bed Bath and Beyond on sixth avenue! This is super helpful towards students, especially during the first few weeks of school to pick up school supplies when school finally starts, and toiletries that you may have left at home. My roommates and I went on several BB&B runs to pick up items such as a shower curtain, hand towel, and duvet cover.

7. So many grocery stores!

There are six grocery stores, all within two blocks from Founders Hall. This includes Heavenly Market and Deli, West Side Market, Traders Joes, Walgreens, CVS, and Whole Foods. Although dorm food is convenient and delicious (especially at Palladium), sometimes you want to get out for fresh fruits (or cheesecake)!

8. Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Movie Theatres, Thrift Shops

There are so many coffee shops, bookstores, and movie theatres! Practically every other store is a coffee shop, and there are three bookstores within three blocks of each other. As for movies, there are two movie theaters (AMC, Regal Cinemas) on either side of Founders Hall! There are also three thrift shops five minutes away from Founders Hall! These include Cure Thrift shop literally across the street, Buffalo Exchange, and NU New York, a shop full of independent designers who sell super cute clothes and stunning jewelry. The coffee shops and bookstores are uber convenient for those who don’t want to study in their rooms (the biggest on campus), and the thrift shop and theatre are great places to hang out with friends on a Friday or weekend night!

Founders Hall is the most convenient Freshman dorm at NYU. Not only do they have the biggest rooms, with the most utilities, but it’s right by Union Square! It’s really close to many other dorm halls which have dining halls and a gym. It’s also a short, ten minute walk to Washington Square Park so you’re able to get some exercise in everyday!



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