16 Restaurants You Need to Try at University of Michigan

Food in Michigan

You say Seva, I say Sava’s… actually, I say both. These are two of the amazing restaurants in Ann Arbor that provide both ambiance and incredible food. Given the mix of college town and city, Ann Arbor, Michigan is stuffed with restaurants specializing in every type of fare imaginable.  With completely vegan dishes to 3am pizza runs, and from dollar deals to pricy wine and dine, it may seem as if your plate is a little too full with options. Don’t worry, I’m here with the dish on 16 restaurants that are worth going nuts over.

Places fit for a college budget:

1. No thai!

A thai chain that is as good as (if not better than) any expensive sit down, and is completely packed after a long day of tailgating. Each meal is less than $10, and you will definitely have leftovers.

2. Pizza house

A restaurant that is extremely popular with UMich students, because of the cheap prices, large selection and late hours. Not only is the food good, but the atmosphere makes post party meals feel like you never left.

3. Good Time Charley’s

The perfect place to watch a game or go for food with friends. Good time Charley”s is exactly that. A good time.

4. Fleetwood Diner

This vintage diner offers everything anyone would want. Great food, great atmosphere, and open 24/7. What else could you ask for? PS. try the hippie breakfast. You won’t be disappointed.


5. Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger

An Ann Arbor staple. Amazing burgers for $3. Need I say more?


6. Zingerman’s Delicatessen

If you ask anyone where to get food in Ann Arbor, they will always point you to Zingerman’s. This deli may not be the most inexpensive meal (with sandwiches ranging from $9-15), but it is definitely worth the visit..

7. Fred’s

Everything in this cafe is fresh, hip, and filled with flavor. Even the people that go there. This is my go to spot for avocado toast, smoothie bowls, or a study session. Oh, and make sure you try their SurfN’Turf Poke bowl. You will be dreaming about it for months after.

8. Jerusalem Garden

The best take out. Hands down. This Mediterranean restaurant has amazing food and is great for a grab and go meal. Unfortunately, it is only open until 9, so make sure you get there during the day.


9. Frita Batidos

They have the weirdest, yet best, burger concoctions ever. They also have some pretty amazing plantains. Oh, and did I mention their lemonade comes in a bag?

Places to go when your family is in town:

10. Sava’s

My favorite Ann Arbor restaurant! Chic atmosphere, perfect location, great service, and some of the best food I’ve ever had. Get a bacon brie burger. You can thank me later.

11. Blue Nile

A plate of Ethiopian cuisine with a side of culture. Dine at Blue Nile if you are looking for an experience like no other (with some pretty amazing food included). Pro tip: go with a group and do a feast.

12. The Lunch Room

A completely vegan restaurant that non-vegans will love as well. With baked goods, healthy bowls, and a pretty fantastic pad thai, you will find something for everyone. Be sure to check out the sister restaurant as well, Detroit Street Filling Station, for a more formal dining experience.

13. Taste Kitchen

An intimate restaurant specializing in bistro-style, farm to table type fare. The best part about Taste is that you can tell that the chef puts time and care into all of his dishes. Definitely an Instagram worthy spot.

14. Prickly Pear

Southwestern cuisine… *heart eyes.*  From the outside, this place may seem like nothing, but on the inside is where the magic happens. They also have great outdoor seating, so check out this quaint restaurant asap.

15. Aventura

Tapas and cocktails may sound appealing, but enjoying them in a stylish contemporary space just makes it that much better. Aventura is a great place for a date night or just to go out with friends.

16. Tomukun

I did a poll on one of my Instagram accounts (iam.becoming) asking UM students to indicate their favorite restaurant(s). This one was mentioned more than any other. This Korean barbecue and noodle bar is a combination made in heaven.


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