10 Easiest Classes at the University of Nebraska

Selecting elective courses in college can be tasking especially in schools with so many options like the University of Nebraska. However, there are some courses that can not only be enlightening and fun, but can serve as a GPA booster. And here are ten of those courses below:

1. SPAN 101 – Beginning Spanish I

Emphasis on development of comprehension of written and spoken Spanish; reading of simple texts dealing primarily with the Spanish-speaking world and with cultural and historical background of Spanish civilization; oral and aural drill supplemented by practice in pronunciation laboratory. Class Notes: Special Fee – $20.

2. MUNM 287 – The History of Rock Music

Survey of the history of rock music including its antecedents in Rhythm & Blues and Country. Two areas: a musical focus on musical characteristics and evolving musical styles, and a consideration of the sociopolitical impact rock music has had on late 20th Century life. Class Notes: Special Fee – $10.

3. ENGL 219 – Film Genre

Various film genres, such as Gothic, the Western, and film noir, from their inception in the early 1900s to the present day. Variations (such as 219A, Film Noir) may concentrate on a particular genre. Class Notes: Special Fee – $30.

4. ENGL 213E – Introduction To Film History

Historical survey from 1880 to the present, dealing with the major directors, films, genres, and critical theories which have shaped films in the twentieth century. Weekly film screenings. Class Notes: Special Fee – $30.

5. STAT 218 – Introduction to Statistics

The practical application of statistical thinking to contemporary issues; collection and organization of data; probability distributions; statistical inference; estimation; and hypothesis testing.

6. CLAS 141 – Spectacle and Entertainment in the Roman world.

Introduction to ancient Rome. Mass spectacles such as drama, gladiatorial combat, and public executions.

7. GERO 200 – Introduction to Gerontology

Introduction to social gerontology and human development in later life; emphasis on important elements of aging, such as socialization, family interaction, retirement, physical and psychological aging, and perceptions of older persons in contemporary society.

8. PSYC 471 – Human Sexuality and Society

Interdisciplinary approach to the study of human sexuality in terms of the psychological, social, cultural, anthropological, legal, historical, and physical characteristics of individual sexuality and sex in society.

9. POLS 100 – Power and Politics in America

Introduction to American government and politics.

10. ANTH 110 – Introduction to Anthropology

Introduction to the study of society and culture, integrating the four major subfields of anthropology: archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, and physical anthropology. Class Notes: Special Fee – $5.

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