10 Easiest Classes at Springfield College

The students Springfield College love their University. However like most college students they want to take the easiest courses to get their degree. College is all about having fun, and trying to get the best grades possible, making students take the easiest courses. Here are 10 of the easiest courses at Springfield College.

1. PSYC 101 – Introduction to Psychology

A really great course Springfield students can take is Introduction to Psychology. It’s a very basic, and general course that any student could succeed in. It is an easy A, especially for Psychology students. It’s all about learning about why people do the things they do which is a really interesting concept for a lot of people. It’s actually proven that people do better in classes that they are interested in, making this a great class for people to take.

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2. PSYC 109 – Human Development

Another great class that students can take is PSYC 109, Human Development. This course is a perfect way for students to raise their GPA because the material is very common sense. A lot of the information taught in the course is already understood by most students, making it just an easy review.

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3. COMM 134 – Introduction to Communication

An easy A course at Springfield College is COMM 134, Introduction to Communication. It’s an introductory course, so it’s used to gauge interest in the major. It’s also an easy course so more students will want to take more classes similar to it. The material is about the science of communicating which most people already understand.

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4. COMM 120 – Introduction to Journalism

This course is perfect for any student that is looking for an easy A, and enjoys a little bit of writing. It’s designed for future journalists, and it’s a pretty general course. It’s all about making journalism fun, and making people want to take it by making it an easy A.

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5. BUSM 150 – Introduction to Business

Another great easy A course is BUSM 150, Introduction to Business. It is an introductory course for business students, so it is very lowkey. It’s designed to make business seem fun, and interesting. It’s the perfect class to take for a student looking to increase their GPA.

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6. ENGL 113 – College Writing I

A great easy A course is ENGL 113, College Writing I. It is a very general course that is designed to motivate students’ writing abilities. Most students already learned how to write in high school therefore this is just an easy review for them. Students should take this class in order to get an easy A.

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7. EDUC 101 – Schools, Society, and Diverse Learners

Another great course for students to take is EDUC 101 also called Schools, Society, and Diverse Learners. It’s an excellent course for future educators, or people who have an interest in learning more about education. It is even a better course for students looking to get an A in a really easy course.

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8. DANC 101 – Dance Appreciation

A very obvious easy A is Dance Appreciation, DANC 101. It’s a great way for students to blow off steam, work out a little bit, and even raise their GPA. The course is designed for students to let loose and just have fun. It also looks at the history of dance, and makes the entire material really easy to understand.

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9. SOCI 101 – Introduction to Sociology

Another easy A course is SOCI 101, Introduction to Sociology. It’s another introductory class that allows students to get a general understanding of sociology. It is designed to be pretty easy in order to have students feel comfortable learning more about sociology. It is perfect for students looking to learn more about sociology, or just to get a better grade.

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10. ENGL 226 – Creative Writing

The final easy a course in Springfield is ENGL 226, Creative Writing. It’s a course that allows students to create their own stories and ideas. It is designed to let the students choose what they want to work on, which makes it a pretty easy course to take. Students should take this class not only because it is easy, but because it could be fun.

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Overall every student at Springfield should take some of these classes over their years in college. These are all designed to be easier than other courses, and lets students have a little fun in school. Students should look at these courses on this list when picking classes for the next semester.

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