10 of the Easiest Classes at UW Madison

UW Madison Spring Season

University of Wisconsin Madison offers many courses from easy to hard. Every year, students look for easy classes to fill in their schedule and help boost their GPA. Here is a list of the easiest classes at UW Madison.

1. HISTORY 200 – Migrations and Displacement

Introduction to historical studies at the research university. Emphasis on interpretation and critical thinking. There will be small-group discussion and intensive writing for this class.

2. IES 112 – Introduction to Environmental Studies

This class is intended to introduce you to contemporary environmental issues. The focus is on the manner in which human social organization and institutions operate both to create problems and also to provide resources for the development of solutions to the difficulties we face. 

3. AOS 101 – Introduction to Weather and Climate

Learning about weather, the atmosphere, and the world around us can be an enjoyable experience. You should be able to apply concepts we discuss in class to the world around you. Newspaper articles and news reports almost daily discuss weather events or impending climate change. This course will help you understand these issues and provide the background to evaluate the many editorials published on these subjects.

4. MUSIC 113 – Music in Performance

This is a music appreciation course designed for non-music majors which features performances of traditional classical music and jazz.  Guest artists include School of Music faculty, graduate students, and visiting artists who perform musical programs and discuss the composers and music from the performer’s perspective.

5. LIS 201 – The Information Society

Examines important social, legal, and historical contexts of information and information technologies, and explores significant social, legal, and moral questions that surround those technologies.

6. SPANISH 101 – First Semester Spanish

In this class, you will learn all the basic Spanish language skills: listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing.

7. ENTOM 201 – Insects and Human Culture

Importance of insects in man’s environment, emphasizing beneficial insects, disease carriers, and agricultural pests that interfere with man’s food supply. Environmental problems due to insect control agents.

8. ANTHRO 105 – Principles of Biological Anthropology

This course goes over the genetic basis of morphological, physiological and behavioral variations within and between human populations, and their origins and evolution. 

9. LINGUIS 101 – Human Language

Elementary theory and practical work in phonetics, phonology, morphology, and syntax, with attention to formal grammar. 

10. HISTORY 101 –  American History to the Civil War

This course will ask surprising questions. How did Haitian slaves, Aztec gold, and the humble potato influence the history of the region that would become the United States? Because they did profoundly. 

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