10 Easiest Classes at NJIT


New Jersey Instituteof Technology is a public polytechnic university located at Newark and California. With their wide range of academics reaching 125 in total, this university serves over 11,000 students. Here are some of the interesting and easiest classes at NJIT.

1. AD 161: History of Art And Design I

This foundation history course surveys the principle aesthetic/functional themes and theories of the twentieth century. Students will explore how various individuals have used art and design to develop products that enriched society culturally and/or that resolved particular societal needs. The course will begin with how optics revolutionized painting, sculpture, architecture, film, etc, and explore how the modern movement broke with or reinterpreted the past through a series of flashbacks.

2. STS 210: Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to the study of human behavior. Topics include motivation, perception, learning, cognitive development, personality and emotion, individual difference, and biological basis of behavior, as well as methodology in psychological research.

3. PTC 622: Working in Teams: Collaborative and Interpersonal Communications

Introduces interpersonal and collaborative communication topics relating to face-to-face and virtual teams. Covers communication and documentation functions in agile project environments. Examines mobile workplace communication strategies.

4. AD 150: Color and Composition

Introduction to principles of 2D composition with emphasis on color use and color theory. Students are introduced to traditional media (watercolor and collage) and digital raster graphics (painting, image processing, and compositioning). Applications that include interior design, product/industrial design, advertising, web design, and fine arts are discussed. Concepts include grids and hierarchy, color models and mixing, color interaction, human response to color, printing, etc. Creative projects.

5. THTR 101: Living Theatre

An introduction to the basic elements of theater through an examination of the roles of the playwright, director, designer, and actor. Attend select current plays and professional productions.

6. STS 221: Introduction to Sociology

An examination of modern society and culture, analyzing the forces for stability and change. Topics covered include the individual and society (socialization, conformity, alienation, and class structure), social institutions (religion, law, education, family, and state), social processes (conflicts and harmony, cohesion and dissolution, power, authority, and revolution), urbanization, industrialization, and technological change.

7. COM 310: Interpersonal Communication

This course surveys theory and research related to interpersonal communication. The course focuses on effectively managing personal and professional relationships. The course’s format consists of lectures, group discussions, experiential activities, and written assignments that require students’ active involvement.

8. ENG 095: General Skills in English as a Second Language

Intended for students in need of extensive practice in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English prior to enrolling in HSS 099S.

9. LIT 320: American Literature

A survey of major works of American literature. Provides a foundation for understanding the currents of American thought and experiences. Special emphasis is paid to American literature within a global context. 

10. LIT 321: British Literature

A survey of the major works of British literature. Provides a foundation for understanding the currents of British thought and experience. Special emphasis is paid to British literature within a global context.

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