4 Habits of the Powerful Woman in University

Powerful women are everywhere in today’s society. They remind us of who we are and what we could be. Regardless of whether or not we consider ourselves to be powerful women, it a universal fact that we are all inspired by them. Through hard work and perseverance, these women have created the ultimate lifestyle for themselves. How? Here are the 4 habits of the powerful university woman.

1) They believe in supporting, not comparing

Social media has made it nearly impossible to not know what someone is doing at all times. It takes just one tap or screenshot to share what you or someone else is doing with the world. In a world like this, it’s hard not to compare yourself to the successes and decisions of others. This is toxic to our growth. Powerful women seek to support instead of compare. It opens the door to many opportunities for them to grow and feel inspired by the successes of others instead of threatened.

2) They have a thirst for challenge

The biggest obstacle between most people and their goals is the sole fear of failure. However, fear has no chance against a powerful woman. Their fear is replaced with a thirst for risk, as they search for opportunities to challenge themselves everyday. Failure is simply viewed as a step closer to getting what they want. Experiences for them are obtained through trial and error. They are constantly breeding new experiences through their non-stop learning. Life hasn’t been lived if they haven’t stepped out of their comfort zone.

3) They believe in accountability

Creating goals for yourself is pointless if you don’t hold yourself accountable for actually achieving it. The powerful woman crafts a game-plan for herself. Instead of waiting to make a move, they’re already proactive and pursuing their desires. They understand that they must live in the present, and instead of waiting for life to happen, they take control and force life to happen; this can be in the form of sticking to the budget they’ve created for themselves or taking a couple hours a week off to dedicate themselves to a greater career or life goal. They make the conscious effort to better themselves and take charge of their own luck and success.

4) They know how to communicate

Powerful women are the physical embodiment of effective communication. They seamlessly fit into any social setting and can carry a conversation with anyone about anything since they have a vast knowledge and innate curiosity to constantly learn. Not only do they know what to say, but they also know how to say it, their warm body language making them easy to approach. Regardless the situation she’s in, the powerful woman knows how to clearly communicate to make others truly want to listen and understand.


Jessica Allen

My name is Jessica and I love travelling and blogging! I really enjoy writing tips and advice for university students! Hopefully my articles help you with your university life!

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