5 Ways to be a Better Psychology Major Student

If you have a passion for understanding the thoughts and behaviors of others and an analytic way of thinking, chances are that you are probably a psychology major. If so, then you are aware of the large amounts of material and the expansiveness of the topic. Below is a list of some ways to be a better psychology major student.

1. Go to the Lectures

Due to the fact that a lot of your psychology classes, especially lower level courses, will be in larger lectures in can be very easy to not attend class. Even if attendance isn’t counted towards your final grade, it is a very good idea to consistently go to them anyways. This is because once you fall into the pattern of not showing up to class, it can be very hard to grasp the material on your own. Another reason to attend your scheduled lectures is because the professor will often give you information that you would not receive had you not gone to class.

2. Read Academic Journals

One way to really get ahead in your psychology major is to not only do the textbook readings, but to also do some unassigned reading on your own time as well. This will benefit you greatly in a lot of ways. Academic journals are a very good way to become familiar with the language that is used in psychology as well as allowing you to understand the concepts that are being discussed as well. This may also help you stay educated about  current events and studies being conducted.

3. Observe the Natural World Around You

In order to fully grasp psychology, you need to understand how it is applicable to the real world. Taking the concepts that you discover in class and relating them to your friends, family, and t.v. shows is not only amusing but is basically a form of studying. This will help you remember and also develop a deeper knowledge of the subject. The more you expand upon the things that you learn in class, the better.

4. Polish Your Study  Skills

Taking good notes and keeping yourself organized is a great way to obtain and review information. Ensure that you do not procrastinate when it comes to studying. Doing things like making flashcards or any other study technique you have developed can be very helpful. Have the habit of not only before exams, but maybe after class as well to ensure that you can fully encode the information. Doing this more frequently can allow you to attain better scores and feel more organized as well.

5. Enjoy the Material

With anything that you do, it is always better quality and less stressful, if you enjoy it! It is important that if you truly have a passion for psychology.. You have to have an interest for this subject as it has a large range of material which would be unbearable to sit through. It is important to be sure that psychology major is of your interest. If you are connected to the material it will also help you recall it much easier on tests and quizzes.

In your psychological endeavors, you cannot go wrong as long as you remember why you wanted to major in psychology in the first place. There are many reasons that people select the field of psychology. Whether it be your love for analysis, fascination with the content, need to understand or help others. It is easy to get caught up in the graphs, modules, tables, and strenuous terms. As long as you find a reason to stick with the field, it will only benefit you in the end.

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