Tips On Time Management in University

We all know that in college, freedom is one of the benefits. But too much freedom can lead to extensive naps, partying more than on the weekends, and always staying busy with on campus clubs and hanging with friends. You might be losing all your time now, that Sunday night cram session is becoming too real, but here are some suggestions to gain back some hours on the clock!

1) Use a planner

USE A PLANNER! Whether that be a stack of notebook paper with some dates on it, an official day and monthly planner from Paper Source, or a bullet journal because you’re oh-so-creative. Just use one. This will save your life and prevent you from missing assignments, forgetting due dates, and just not being able to juggle your entire life in your head all by yourself. Make life easier and write it down! Maybe even get fancy with it and throw on some stickers or fun typography. Whatever gets the job done!

2) To Do lists 

I’m not sure about you, but list making is my life. It saves my butt so many times. It can get a bit cluttered in your planner or notepad if all you are doing is filling it up with dates and lists and notes and memories and all that jazz. Instead, have a separate notebook for your lists. These can be tasks you need to get done that day, or even in the next hour. List making is universal, it can help you achieve any task or goal. It’s pretty full proof!

3) Schedule some you-time

I used to always forget this step: plan some time to kick back and chill with the guys or gals! Never over-book yourself to the point where you have no time to simply breathe and be with friends. This is simple, but very necessary for your overall mental health. A crazy student with too much time gone to no time at all is a recipe for disaster. Watch a movie, put on a face mask, or play some pong with the guys. Do whatever you have to do to relieve some stress, have fun, and let loose!

4) Put your class syllabus in the front of your notebook or folder 

Not many people do much with the syllabus after the first day besides stuff it in the bottom of their backpacks or throw it in the recycling bin. But if you use it to your advantage, you will gain massive points with your future self. That college class syllabus has all of the due dates and important information regarding assignments, and frankly, your life for the next quarter or semester. Use it to plan your homework schedule and long-term goals for the academic year! (Plus there are very beneficial office hours on there, you might want to know when and where those are.)

5) Keep yourself accountable

In college, it is only you that is responsible for you. So make it count! Set goals for yourself in order to get your life together and tasks done! Time is a tricky thing to balance, but hopefully these tips will help you out and give you hours to study and have fun that you didn’t even know existed!

Jessica Allen

My name is Jessica and I love travelling and blogging! I really enjoy writing tips and advice for university students! Hopefully my articles help you with your university life!

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