10 of the Easiest Classes at University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati offers more than 300 majors, 100 certificate programs and over 1000 different courses. Students are looking for easy and fun classes to take each year to help boost their GPA. Here is a list of the easiest classes at The University of Cincinnati.

1. WGS 2010 – Human Sexuality

This course examines multiple aspects of human sexuality. This topic is more than a topic – it isa lived experience for each and every human; sexuality fundamentally effects our individual andcollective realities on many different levels. 

2. PHYS 1021 – Astronomy: Stars & Galaxies

The structure and evolution of the universe from the smallest to the largest physicals scales. Topics to be cover include: The Sun and solar activity; the physical properties of stars; star formation, evolution, and death; Stellar remnants, including black holes.

3. FAM 2061 – The Music of The Beatles

This class will chronologically trace the development of the Beatles from their early days through the band’s dissolution. There will be analysis of selected compositions with regard to lyrics, harmony, song structure, instrumentation, and arranging.

4. HORT 4080 – Introduction to Beer

This course is an introduction to beer and the many aspects of beer brewing and drinking that are influenced by culture, history, and geography. 

5. HPE 1004 – Introduction to Epidemiology

This course is an introduction to epidemiological concepts and methods used to evaluate the distribution and determinants of health and disease in populations. 

6. PIAN 1001 – Group Piano

Designed for those with little or no piano experience; teaches the fundamentals of reading music, playing by ear, using chord charts and improving finger flexibility.

7. FAM 2006 – American Music

This course surveys a wide variety of music along with the social, political and religious movements that have shaped American musical life right up to the present. This is also an online class at The University of Cincinnati.

8. EMED 2002 – Digital Video

While taking this course, each student is required to write, produce, shoot and edit several projects using digital video cameras, working in a digital nonlinear editing environment, and delivering their content through a variety of digital distribution channels to a specified audience. 

9. NUTR 1030 – Personal Nutrition

This course looks at the importance of an appropriate diet and nutritional practices in one’s life. It provides students with an introductory look at macronutrients and micronutrients. 

10. HFL 1062C – Yoga for Health and Fitness

This class is for beginners who have little or no experience in yoga. The philosophy of yoga, the importance of breathing, and various yoga poses will be covered in the class. 

What is the University of Cincinnati Fight Song?

“Cheer Cincinnati”

Cheer Cincinnati, Cincy will win
Fight to the finish, never give in
You do your best, boys, we’ll do the rest, boys
Onward to victory!

Go Red! Go Black! Go Bearcats! Fight! Fight! Fight!
B-E-A-R-C-A-T-S go UC!

Cheer Cincinnati, Cincy will win
Fight to the finish, never give in
You do your best, boys, we’ll do the rest, boys
Onward to victory!

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