10 of the Coolest Clubs at University of Iowa

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The University of Iowa, like other larger schools, boasts loads of exciting, fun, and educational clubs. These clubs are all unique and theres no doubt people can find something that suits their interests.

1. The Amateur Radio Club 

This club helps individuals that are interested in getting a foot in he door for radio broadcasting. They even help people who are not certified get certified quickly!

2. American Marketing Association 

This club is fun while also helping students advance with their marketing aspirations. There are speakers, resume projects, and opportunities to meet other like minded individuals. For essentially all majors theres a club like this one.

3. American Sign Language Club (ASL Club) 

So many people are interested in learning sign language and this club provides a low pressure environment to learn this useful and beautiful language.  Plus, any level of signing is welcome.

4. Art Hawks 

This club is a welcoming outlet for art-majors and non-majors. They explore a diverse spectrum of art styles, and foster an inclusive community to allow everyone to explore their artistic talents.

5. Best Buddies 

This club is a great and helps make a positive impact in the world. A college student is paired with a person that has an intellectual disability. This gives the opportunity for people to make meaningful friendships, participate in events and have a lot of fun while doing it.

6. Board Game Club 

This club is exactly what you would think – a club dedicated to playing boardgames with fellow Hawkeyes. A club like this can be a great stress reliever and an opportunity to make new friends.

7. Campus Activities Board 

CAB is a very well known organization across campus. They put on events such as movies, welcome back events, finals week events, etc. This club would be great for someone who likes planning things and getting involved on campus!

8. Dance Club 

This club is perfect for people who danced in high school, or are just looking for a creative outlet and some exercise. This club provides a dance studio feel for students contributing to a sense of community and a lot of good times.

9. Eats and Treats 

Anyone who loves preparing food, learning about food, and learning about culinary principles and food safety would love this club. People prepare dishes and eat them together!

10. Gardners 

This club could be an informational, fun, and stress relieving way to spend time. Students plant and grow organic produce that is then donated the community in Iowa City!

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