Dining Hall Hacks at University of Michigan

Food hacks at University of Michigan

We all know that dining hall food is nothing like a five star meal, but there are some ways to make it slightly more enjoyable. Use these few tips to avoid the grey mush the dining hall usually serves.

1) Create your own meal:

Try taking plain pasta and add chicken, veggies from salad bar, and more. I love making avocado toast with guacamole from the taco bar and topping it with different things I can find around the dining hall.

2) Appetizing apple pies

Microwave apples with cinnamon and sugar (or brown sugar). Top with granola and ice cream for a delicious dessert.

3) Steamed veggies

Put vegetables in a bowl and add water. Microwave until soft.

4) Take it to go

Start a collection of apples and bananas for those days when the dining hall is closed. You can also bring tupperware for meals on the go.

5) Gooey cookies

Microwave your cookies and top with ice cream and sprinkles.

6) Delicious deviled eggs

Peel the eggs, take the yolks out, mix with mayo, mustard, relish, and salt and pepper. Put back in the eggs, and throw some salad-bar bacon bits on that boy. Delish!

7) Makeshift toppings

Put cereal on ice cream, yogurt, waffles, just about anything. It’s better than it sounds, trust me.

8) Mocha Madness

Mix coffee with hot chocolate to enjoy a mocha without spending a cent.

9) DIY Thai sauce

Mix peanut butter, sriracha and soy sauce to make a thai flavored sauce you can put on everything.

10) Infinite chicken and waffles

Waffle maker, meet chicken fingers (*heart eyes*).

11) Supreme quesadillas 

Use cheese and veggies from the salad bar to make crazy quesadilla concoctions.

12) Fall favorite – caramel apples

Microwave caramel from the ice cream bar and dip apples for a warm fall dessert.

13) Ice cream floats

Use root beer, or experiment mixing ice cream with any of the soda flavors from the machine.

14) Beautiful breakfast burritos

Use a wrap from the sandwich bar, and insert eggs, and beans and cheese from the salad bar. Top with hot sauce and voila!

Hopefully, these food hacks will help you from being bored af and blowing your budget on eating out.

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