10 of the Easiest Classes at USC

University of Southern California

Looking for some easy classes at University of Southern California? You are at the right place. USC offers many different courses, but only a handful are GPA boosters. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at USC.

1. ITP 104 – Web Publishing

Web publishing using HTML, CSS and other Web technologies. Concepts and theory of Web site creation, page layout and production. Introduction to advanced topics.

2. MUSC 422 – The Beatles: Their Music and Their Times

Music, lyrics, recordings, production techniques, career strategy, social ramifications, and especially the technological impact of the musical group known as The Beatles. Great class if you are into music especially The Beatles!

3. HIST 210 – How to Be An American

History of United States citizenship from its origins to the present day, with particular attention to relationship between law and culture. This is an interesting class if you are interested in learning more about the American History.

4. LAW 101 – Law and the U.S. Constitution in Global History

By examining key constitutional moments involving race, rights, and revolutions, students will explore how legal meaning changes over time. If you are into law, this would be the perfect course to take.

5. MUJZ 153 – Individual Instruction

Weekly individual instruction and performance forum. Open only to jazz studies majors. Interesting class if you are into music, specifically jazz.

6. LING 115 – Language, Society and Culture

This course will introduce you to the study of language as a cultural and social
phenomenon. We will examine the various ways that language, society, and culture
interact with, and influence, each other. We will consider why people speak in different
ways, and how the language we make use of has important consequences for the
projection of identity and self-image in society.

7. POSC 100 – Theory and Practice of American Democracy

Theoretical, institutional, and functional aspects of Americannational, state, and local government and politics; contemporaryissues. Recommended for freshmen and sophomores. Recommended for freshmen and sophomores.

8. ANTH 201 – Principles of Human Organization

Major culture types, nomadic hunters and herders, peasant andtribal societies, sophisticated kingdoms; social, political,economic, and religious institutions.

9. BISC 101 – Cellular and Molecular Biology

Cellular and molecular biology with examples related to human biology or diseases. Fundamental life processes examined at the genetic, cellular and molecular levels. Not available for major credit.

10. PSYC 165 – Drugs, Behavior, and Society

An integrative systems perspective of drugs; including their historical, economic, and cultural importance, psychopharmacology, addiction, relationship to crime, and therapeutic use in treating psychological disorders.

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