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Arizona State University (ASU), famed for its innovation, vibrant campus life, and extensive academic opportunities, stands out as a unique institution in the heart of Tempe, Arizona. Whether you’re a current student, an alum, or just a fan, there are certain tell-tale signs that scream “Sun Devil” loud and clear. This article unfolds the top 10 signs that affirm your proud association with ASU.

1. Maroon and Gold Dominate Your Wardrobe:

As a true Sun Devil, your wardrobe is inevitably overflowing with maroon and gold apparel. From T-shirts and hoodies to caps and accessories, your fashion choices scream ASU pride. Wearing these colors isn’t just a statement; it’s a lifestyle choice that unites you with the Sun Devil community.

2. You Know the Words to “Maroon and Gold”:

ASU’s fight song, “Maroon and Gold,” resonates with you on a deep level. Singing it out loud, especially during sporting events, fills you with a sense of pride and belonging, connecting you with past, present, and future Sun Devils.

3. The “Forks Up” Hand Sign Is Second Nature:

The “Forks Up” hand sign is synonymous with ASU, and as a Sun Devil, it’s a gesture you’ve mastered to perfection. Whether it’s game day or any regular day, throwing up the “Forks Up” is your way of showing allegiance to ASU.

4. You’ve Taken a Selfie with Sparky:

Sparky the Sun Devil is ASU’s beloved mascot, and taking a selfie with him is practically a rite of passage. Whether at a sporting event, on campus, or at an ASU gathering, a photo with Sparky is a must-have keepsake.

5. The ASU Tempe Campus Is Your Second Home:

The ASU Tempe campus, with its stunning architecture and scenic spots, holds a special place in your heart. You’ve explored its nooks and crannies, making lifelong memories along the way. This campus is not just a place of learning; it’s a vibrant community that you proudly call home.

6. You’ve Participated in the Lantern Walk:

The annual Lantern Walk up “A” Mountain is a cherished ASU tradition that dates back to 1917. As a Sun Devil, participating in this event is a highlight of your ASU experience, symbolizing your journey and connection to ASU’s rich history.

7. Palm Walk Is Your Favorite Stroll:

Palm Walk is one of the most iconic spots on ASU’s Tempe campus, and as a Sun Devil, it’s your go-to route for a leisurely stroll. The towering palm trees and beautiful scenery make it the perfect backdrop for your daily life at ASU.

8. You Know the Importance of the Territorial Cup:

The ASU-UA rivalry is legendary, and the Territorial Cup is the coveted trophy that adds fuel to the fire. As a Sun Devil, you understand the significance of this rivalry, and you proudly support ASU in the quest for victory.

9. ASU Online and Innovation Are in Your Vocabulary:

ASU is a global leader in innovation and online education. Whether you’re a campus-based student or an online learner, you take pride in ASU’s commitment to accessibility, innovation, and excellence in education.

10. Once a Sun Devil, Always a Sun Devil:

Being part of the ASU community is not just about your time on campus; it’s a lifelong connection. No matter where life takes you, you remain a Sun Devil at heart, connected to a vast network of alumni and supporters worldwide.

Conclusion: Arizona State University is more than just an academic institution; it’s a lively and inclusive community that leaves a lasting impact on everyone who passes through its doors. The signs of being a true Sun Devil are unmistakable, showcasing a deep connection to a place of innovation, tradition, and Sun Devil pride. Your heart is maroon and gold, and you carry the spirit of ASU wherever you go. Go Sun Devils!

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