10 Signs You Go To Texas Tech

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Texas Tech University, located in Lubbock, Texas, is a distinguished institution known for its vibrant campus life, strong athletic programs, and excellent academic offerings. If you find yourself immersed in the traditions and spirit of this prestigious university, there are unmistakable signs that affirm your identity as a Red Raider. This article explores the top 10 signs you go to Texas Tech.

1. Your Wardrobe is a Sea of Red and Black:

As a true Texas Tech Red Raider, your fashion choices predominantly feature the university’s official colors, red and black. From game day apparel to everyday wear, these colors are a staple in your wardrobe, showcasing your unwavering school spirit.

2. The Matador Song is Your Anthem:

The Matador Song, Texas Tech’s alma mater, holds a special place in your heart. Whether it’s being played at a graduation ceremony or after a victorious football game, you know the words by heart and sing along with pride.

3. You Have Mastered the Guns Up Salute:

The “Guns Up” hand gesture is synonymous with Texas Tech, and as a Red Raider, it’s a salute you have mastered and use frequently. It’s your way of showing allegiance to the university, and you proudly flash the salute at every opportunity.

4. The Masked Rider Makes Your Heart Swell with Pride:

The sight of the Masked Rider leading the football team onto the field is one of the most iconic traditions at Texas Tech. As a member of the Red Raider community, this tradition never fails to give you goosebumps and fills you with pride.

5. You’ve Experienced the Majesty of the Will Rogers Statue:

The Will Rogers and Soapsuds statue is a beloved landmark on the Texas Tech campus, and as a Red Raider, you’ve likely taken a moment to admire its beauty and significance. It’s a symbol of the university’s rich history and tradition.

6. You Know That Carol of Lights is the Best Way to Kick Off the Holiday Season:

The annual Carol of Lights celebration is a Texas Tech tradition that you eagerly anticipate each year. The transformation of the campus into a winter wonderland with thousands of twinkling lights is a sight to behold and a cherished memory for every Red Raider.

7. Raider Gate and Tailgating are Game Day Essentials:

Game days at Texas Tech are incomplete without participating in Raider Gate and tailgating festivities. As a Red Raider, these pre-game rituals are an essential part of your game day experience, providing an opportunity to bond with fellow fans and build excitement for the game.

8. You Take Pride in Texas Tech’s Research and Innovation:

Texas Tech is renowned for its research and innovative contributions across various fields. Whether you’re directly involved in research activities or not, as a Red Raider, you take pride in the university’s commitment to advancing knowledge and making a positive impact.

9. You Feel a Sense of Belonging at the Student Union Building (SUB):

The SUB is the heart of student life at Texas Tech, and as a Red Raider, it’s a place where you feel a strong sense of community and belonging. Whether you’re grabbing a bite to eat, studying, or participating in student activities, the SUB is your go-to spot on campus.

10. Once a Red Raider, Always a Red Raider:

Being part of the Texas Tech community is a lifelong commitment. Your time on campus might be temporary, but your identity as a Red Raider stays with you forever, connecting you to a vast network of alumni and Texas Tech supporters worldwide.

Texas Tech University is more than just an academic institution; it’s a vibrant community bound together by tradition, pride, and a shared sense of purpose. The unmistakable signs of being a Red Raider reflect your deep connection to this unique institution, and they showcase the enduring spirit of Texas Tech. Your heart beats red and black, and you carry the legacy of the Red Raiders wherever you go. Guns Up!

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