10 Signs You Go to Penn State

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Penn State, renowned for its rich traditions, lively campus atmosphere, and exceptional academic offerings, is a place like no other. Whether you’re a student, proud alum, or an Nittany Lions fan, there are undeniable signs that showcase your affiliation with this prestigious institution. In this article, we explore the top 10 signs you go to Penn State:

1. Blue and White Runs Through Your Veins:

Embracing Penn State’s school colors isn’t just a fashion choice—it’s a lifestyle. Your wardrobe is dominated by blue and white attire, showcasing your undying pride and spirit. When you wear these colors, you’re making a statement: you are Penn State.

2. “Fight On, State” Is Your Anthem:

Penn State’s fight song is more than just a melody; it’s a source of inspiration and unity. Knowing every word by heart, you belt it out with pride, feeling an instant bond with fellow Nittany Lions whenever it plays.

3. The Nittany Lion Shrine Is Your Go-To Photo Spot:

No visit to Penn State’s campus is complete without a photo at the Nittany Lion Shrine. As a Penn Stater, you understand that this iconic landmark represents more than just a photo opportunity—it symbolizes your connection to a legacy of excellence.

4. Creamery Ice Cream Is a Delight You Can’t Resist:

Famous far and wide, the Penn State Berkey Creamery offers a heavenly selection of ice cream flavors. You know you’re a true Penn Stater when a visit to the Creamery is a regular treat, and you’ve sampled an impressive range of their offerings.

5. THON Is a Cause Close to Your Heart:

Penn State’s THON, the world-renowned 46-hour dance marathon, is a testament to the university’s commitment to philanthropy and community. Participating in THON, in any capacity, is a signature Penn State experience, showcasing the Nittany Lion spirit of giving back.

6. “We Are” Is Your Rallying Cry:

The “We Are” chant is a powerful expression of Penn State solidarity. As a member of the Penn State community, you understand the significance behind these words and feel an overwhelming sense of pride and unity whenever the chant echoes through the campus.

7. Football Saturdays Are Non-Negotiable:

Beaver Stadium is the heart of Penn State football, and as a true Nittany Lion, your Saturdays in the fall are reserved for cheering on the team. The stadium’s electric atmosphere is a major draw, ensuring that football Saturdays are a highlight of your Penn State experience.

8. State College Feels Like Home:

State College, or “Happy Valley,” is an integral part of the Penn State experience. As a Penn Stater, you’ve immersed yourself in the town’s charm, frequenting its local businesses and enjoying its welcoming atmosphere.

9. The Alma Mater Resonates With You:

The Penn State Alma Mater is a song steeped in tradition and sentiment. As a member of the Penn State community, you feel a profound connection to its words, cherishing the moments when you join voices with fellow Nittany Lions to sing it.

10. Your Connection to Penn State Is Lifelong:

Being a Penn Stater isn’t just a phase—it’s a lifelong commitment. You know that your bond with Penn State extends far beyond your time on campus, connecting you to a global network of alumni who share your pride and passion.

Conclusion: Penn State University is more than just an institution; it’s a community bound by shared experiences, traditions, and an unwavering spirit. The unmistakable signs of being a Nittany Lion reflect a deep connection to a place that has profoundly impacted countless lives. No matter where life takes you, your heart remains in Happy Valley, proud and true. We Are Penn State!

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